Parish Weekly News

02 May 2021



  •  Normal Mass schedule in the Parish has resumed.  Call the Parish Office 67662228 or send an email to put your name down for weekend Masses. You can attend weekday Masses without booking, but remember to put down your name and contacts on a sheet provided at the entrance
  • Meeting of Fr Chris. with all Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion........ Wednesday 12th May by 3.30pm at the meeting room
  • Next Youth Mass..... 30th May at 5.30pm 
  • Next Petition Rosary...... Tuesday 1st June by 12.15pm at St Nicholas
  • First Reconciliation 2021.... Wednesday 2nd June 6pm
  • First Eucharist... Saturday 5th June at 6pm and Sunday 6th June at 9.30am
  • Sacrament of Confirmation 2021....... Saturday 11th September 6pm and Sunday 12th September 9.30am
  •  Parishioners are free to call the presbytery any time, or come to the presbytery, if there is any need to see a Priest.
  •  Stay safe, and may God Bless you.
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