Our Parish Story

By: G.A.Hoban

The decision to make an attempt to list chronologically some of the most significant events in the first one hundred years of our parish life, has been made necessary by the fact that there are very few original documents in existence which relate to that period. Many details of parish life in earlier years are in danger of being forgotten with the passing of time. Whilst there is much that has been brought to remembrance in the list which follows, there are - of necessity many omissions.

Events that go on for years do not lend themselves to single line entries, and they could only be trivialised by attempting to do so. There is no mention of either World War, for example; nor of the severe economic depression of the 1890’s and the 1930’s. Probably the whole chronology should be headed by noting the essential fact, that whatever material advances have been made in the provision of buildings and facilities of all kinds, the one most important aspect of our parish life has been the enduring and ongoing practice of our Faith, which has been marked by continuing practical expressions of Charity, and a sturdy continuance of confidence in Divine Providence.

Through war and peace, through boom and bust, through good seasons and bad, the practice of the Faith has flourished at St Nicholas. As we reflect on the past, we should humbly pray that this may continue into the future.

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