Protocol for Visiting Clergy

Clergy from outside the Diocese of Armidale who come to Saint Nicholas Parish, Tamworth [or any parish within the Diocese of Armidale] to perform ministry are required to note the following protocol:

  1. Submit the INFORMATION SHEET [downloaded from the Armidale Catholic Chancery website:] together with the ACMR number; WWCC number; and Date of Birth of the concerned clergy. [OR]
  2. Complete all three forms from the Armidale Catholic Chancery website.
  3. The above information has to be sent to the Chancery:, not to Saint Nicholas Parish.
    Bishop Michael Kennedy or, in his absence, Msgr. Ted Wilkes [Vicar General], will sign an approval for the clergy to be able to perform any ministry.
    It should be done in advance, at least three [3] weeks before the scheduled ministry to give time for verification.
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